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Nutella Sandwich Heart Cookies (Gluten-free)


Well guys, I finally did it…I have been swept up by the mass hysteria and have outlawed gluten from my diet.  GASP!!!  How can this be?  (You may wonder.)  The simple thing of it is, I have long suffered various chronic digestive symptoms that typically were not crippling enough to warrant any serious evaluation.

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Valentine’s Day Dessert: Heart-Shapped Nutella Tarts with Rosewater Icing

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And happy Unhappy Valentine’s Day for all of you who are feeling kinda screwed by love, or those of you who just can’t stand yet another commercialized holiday being shoved down your throat by corporate America!

In any event, get over it!  Lol.  Though I find Valentine’s Day rather annoying most of the time, I am very fond of pink and I love cartoon heart-shaped things (not things in the shape of an actual heart).  So I thought I’d make something special for a day dedicated to:

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Valentine’s Day Dinner: Heart-Shaped Pizzas

It is popular to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, but it can be just as fun/romantic to stay home and make your date dinner!  Don’t have a date?  Who cares!  I think it’s sad that Valentine’s Day is so focused on romantic love (eros), when there are so many other manifestations of love.

There is the love between friends (phileo), the affection of family (storage), and my favorite type of love: the unconditional, selfless kind of love that is devoid of greed (agape).  But enough of this review of Greek words for love!  Onto the food…

Heart-Shaped Pizzas

PhotobucketHeart shaped pizzas: 4 cheese Italian blend w/ricotta and olives, 1 with no olives

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