Food In Review: Spring Break Eats

DSC05082_zps736e65f7Enjoying a cup of coffee at the historic Grove Park Inn Resort in Asheville, NC.

This post is going to be a break from the usual “let’s make a recipe and document it” routine.  Instead I thought I would take time to share with my legions of fan (yes, this is all for you, my one dear and lovely reader…okay maybe there is like 6 of you, but who is counting?) my spring break eats.  As I am in school again, I live a life where the breaks I have from said school highlight my calendar and turn arbitrary blocks of time into precious moments ready to be filled with time spent not at home.

And since I knew I wouldn’t be at home this past week, I knew I would have no chance to cook/bake something to feature on this blog.  That is how I came to decide I would take pictures of the more interesting meals eaten on my trip.  Perhaps this post will set a precedent for future travel food posts!

So here is where I went:

  • Asheville, NC

Chai Pani

The Laughing Seed

  • Gatlinburg, TN

The Wild Plum Tea Room

random candy shops

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A Taste of Charlotte

So the other day a few pals and I explored Charlotte’s annual food festival, aptly named “Taste of Charlotte.”  Like other food festivals, such as Taste of Chicago, Taste of Charlotte features various local and chain restaurants in the area.  This year there were around 30.  Each one offers 3 scaled down items from their regular menus, and you purchase and taste these foods by procuring festival tokens, which you buy with real money.

I attended this festival in the past, and was really stoked to go to it this year.  But to be honest, this year’s wasn’t the greatest.  I still had fun and got to taste some nice treats, but I don’t think going at night is such a good idea…the streets were so packed you could barely walk!  This resulted in my not trying certain things because I didn’t want to put up with navigating through the bumbling flesh of sweaty Charlotteans.  If I go next year, it will definitely be in the earlier hours!

Here is a review of the food I tasted…

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