About Me


I’m Madeline aka the Hopeful Hestia! Welcome to my blog!

Yes, this yet ANOTHER cooking/baking/food blog. It seems like nowadays everyone and their mom has a food related blog. But I just couldn’t resist. As an aspiring pastry chef (or more accurately I aspire to aspire to be a pastry chef), I felt motivated to create this blog as a way to document my forays into the kitchen. While I am currently wait-listed to attend proper cooking classes, I do believe cooking and baking are things you can teach yourself. In fact, I believe one MUST practice flexing their culinary muscles in order to achieve any level of skill in the kitchen. This is true of many things besides cooking of course.


So the purpose of this blog is to monitor my own kitchen experiments, and to share what I learn from each one with any readers that may stumble upon this blog. I have found great advice and a lot of inspiration from many cooking blogs over the years. It is my hope that this blog will contribute to all the great info already out there, and maybe even assist others!


Hestia is the Greek goddess of the home and hearth. Along with cooking, mythology is of great interest to me. So it felt natural to spice my blog with a hint of the mythological! Plus, I like to feel like I’m channeling Hestia when I’m in the kitchen. She is a source of inspiration! Even if she is fictional!

Side Note: Vestia is her Roman reincarnation, but as Hestia came first I am partial to using that name.


Hope, aside from indulging my love of alliteration, I wanted to use the verb “to hope” because I think it is important to be optimistic when taking on any challenge.  If you don’t believe you can succeed, it is very doubtful you will.  No matter how intimidating a recipe may seem, you CAN do it.  Maybe the first 100 times you try things won’t go perfectly, maybe you’ll get it right the first time.  But you gotta know you are capable, and that sooner or later you’re gonna get the results you want.  You gotta have hope!

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