Puran Poli (Epic Fail)


I’m excited to document my first failed recipe for this blog!

Well, I mean, I would certainly have prefered not to have wasted the time and ingredients on this ultimately unservable puran poli, but the whole point of this blog is to enhance my cooking skills through practice.  Sometimes you are just gonna screw up, no matter how hard you try.  And I REALLY tried.  I read multiple recipes and watched demonstrative videos, yet despite all this I still failed.

Now, perhaps my preparations curbed the level of failure I attained.  That would be looking at the glass “half-full.”

In any event, the biggest takeaway from this is the fact that I at least now have the experience of having tried making puran poli.  This has given me insight into what to expect when making it, and I have also learned from failing.  I have learned what not to do next time, and what to be mindful of.

One this is for sure, I am definitely going to attempt to make this again, and SUCCEED!!  I will not be conquered!

Chana dal, soaked/cooked, and drying…oh still so promising…

RECIPE (What is puran poli?)

I am not even going to post a recipe.  Why?  Basically because I didn’t find a recipe I liked/am confident about sharing.  If I couldn’t figure it out, or it didn’t work for me, it seems stupid to pass a recipe along.  Only after I actually understand it, would it seem logical to share it on this blog.

And more than that, in the course of trying to make this bread, and trying to correct my failures as I noticed I was making them, I ended up deviating far away enough from the recipe I was trying to follow, that posting the original recipe would be pointless.

Ground chana dal and jaggery

So instead I’ll just talk about what puran poli is.

Puran poli is a delicious Indian sweet bread, and while it is found is different places throughout India, I get the impression that is in a traditionally Maharashtrian food.  For those unaware, Maharashtra is a state in India, and one of the bigger ones, as Mumbai is its capital.

Puran poli is often made during Hindu celebrations like Holi and Diwali.  Holi is a spring-based festival, and it just recently passed (March 8th/9th), which is one of the reasons I wanted to make it.  The other being I wanted to eat puran poli, but a good one, not my travesty.

Below is an example of what your puran poli balls should NOT look like:

Dough balls and puran filling balls…they look a mess!!! ugh

Here is what they SHOULD look like:

I am showing these two pictures so you can better appreciate the disaster I encountered in the kitchen.

And yes, it was frustrating and depressing!  I had WAY too much jaggery (an unrefined sugar) in my puran, though I could swear my ratio was correct…but it clearly wasn’t!!  Oofa!

So here are my thick, heavy, semi-brunt, hideous and embarrassing puran polis:

No…just no…this is not acceptable!

And here is what it would look like if prepared by one more competent in the art of Indian bread-making:

And like I said, despite my failure, I am determined to one day be good at this.  It is not impossible!  It is just more difficult than I would’ve hoped…

C’est la vie!!


(stay tuned, coming up next I review a trip to Mama Ricotta’s and tackle some St. Patty’s Day inspired edibles)


3 thoughts on “Puran Poli (Epic Fail)

  1. Hi Hestia!

    Your Auntie P. here. As I read of your disaster, I am thinking about the fact that you were following a recipe, and that you wound up, somehow, with too much jaggery. Is it possible that the recipe could be…wrong?? That happens more than you would believe.
    Take heart, Dear One…we’ve all been there.
    With all due respect and love,
    Auntie Pat

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  3. Mattie: Gina, Jonette, Carrie, Vicky and I have just been looking over some of your entries. I can’t recall your mentioning your attempt at this. I’d love to try some. Grab it next time you hit an Indian sweet shop. Do they have it at Cakes and Flakes?

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